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  • Madeira was voted

    'World’s Best Emerging Golf Destination' 2019
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  • The Azores are considered to be the remnants of the

    Lost Continent of Atlantis
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  • Madeira Wine was used to toast

    The Declaration of Independence
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  • Belmond Reid's Palace is

    The Ritz, Raffles and the Waldorf Astoria rolled into one!
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  • Madeira is a true hikers’ paradise with

    Inspiring trails tracing levadas, canyons, waterfalls,
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  • Madeira has vintage motors

    To parade you through the Old Town and on to Forte de São Tiago
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  • The Azores is a magical mix of

    Enchanted Forests, Hot Springs & Volcanic Peaks
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The Perfect Escape

The magical, mysterious archipelagos of Madiera and The Azores stand alone like shining pearls in the middle of a wide Atlantic Ocean. 

A sojourn to these idyllic islands presents the most peaceful, tranquil escape combined with luxury lodgings, wonderful local gastronomy and exceptional cultural encounters

Join us for a week of exploration and enjoyment on the mystical islands of the Atlantic.

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The idyllic islands of the Atlantic are about as far from your ‘average package’ holiday’ as you can get! Step into a world full of magic, mystery and natural beauty. And the great thing is it’s only 4.40 hours flight time from mainland USA.

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The Portuguese islands of The Azores stand like luscious emerald gemstones in the midst of an azure blue Atlantic Ocean. Here are the stepping stones for many great voyages of discovery and perhaps the residual fragments of the ‘Lost Continent of Atlantis’.

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Madeira and The Azores offers unique golfing encounters which can be mixed seamlessly with our main cultural itinerary. So, if you want a round or two while your non-golfing partner is enjoying the rest of our wonderful islands offer

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There is such a wealth of wonderful accommodation on Madeira and The Azores and we have selected the very best, not just for their overall quality, superb amenities and high service standards – but for their heritage and unique character. We hope you enjoy!

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Homes hang like bird-boxes and ribbonesque roads drape loosely around vertiginous slopes. As the plane flew closer to the island, a structure came into view, a series of massive pillars rising from the sea. Looking like a beachfront Parthenon.

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Cristiano Ronaldo, the world’s No 1 Soccer star grew up on Madeira. You could say his talent was ‘God-Given’ but the particularly fine flavour of Madeira Wine was a bit of a fluke! Legend has it that sailors stowing away barrels of table wine for their Atlantic crossings

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